Disable Email Notifications on SharePoint 2013 Designer Workflow Tasks

I was recently perusing SharePoint Exchange (can’t believe I just used the word ‘perusing’ but I’m running with it) and I came upon an older question that had never been answered. The post reminded me that when working on SharePoint Designer workflows, it’s easy to forget that the actions also have a “Properties” panel with additional values you can set. It’s easy to focus on the hyperlinked items within each action, and forget that there are other useful settings you can change in the “Properties” panel.

In this case, the “Properties” panel is exactly where the answer was. It’s an easy solution that also exposes other properties that could be useful as well (such as disabling the cancellation email).

Steps to Take

  1. Right-click the task action in SharePoint Designer
  2. Go to “Properties”
  3. Set ‘WaiveAssignmentEmail’ to ‘Yes’

After that, you’re all set, and those tasks will no longer send assignment emails.


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