Adaptive Cards not Displaying in Microsoft Teams

The “TLDR” of this post is that if you are posting an adaptive card to Microsoft Teams with a version of 1.5, and are either seeing the error message “We’re sorry, this card couldn’t be displayed” or aren’t seeing a card at all, you need to change the version to 1.4. Once you do that, you’ll be in good shape, provided there are no other issues with the rest of your adaptive card.

Digging deeper, this is an interesting “fix” due to Microsoft documentation stating that Teams does in fact support version 1.5, but it’s very easy to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create an Instant Flow that uses the “Post adaptive card in a chat or channel” action
  2. Choose “Post as: Flow bot”
  3. Choose “Post in: Chat with Flow bot”
  4. Add yourself as the recipient
  5. Use this schema for a very simple card that is using version 1.5
	"type": "AdaptiveCard",
	"$schema": "",
	"version": "1.5",
	"body": [
			"type": "TextBlock",
			"text": "I'm a simple text block",
			"wrap": true

After running the flow, you should see the error, “We’re sorry, this card couldn’t be displayed” when the message posts to your chat. To fix the issue, go back and edit the flow and change the version from “1.5” to “1.4” and re-run; at this point, you should see the card displays correctly.

One other piece of information worth noting is that if you’re using Bot Framework Composer to send adaptive cards with a version of 1.5, instead of seeing the error message, you’ll find that your card simply doesn’t appear at all, but once again, changing to version 1.4 should resolve your issue.


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6 thoughts on “Adaptive Cards not Displaying in Microsoft Teams

  1. Hi, would you please confirm how this is supposed to work with New Teams?
    I do have 2 adpatative cards with both images sitting on SPO sites, all working great in current Teams, but the minute we move to the New Teams client, I have weird image type showing up, shall I move back to 1.5? don’t want to make it work only with 1 version and mess up the other as we are in Between like most people today, but want the experience to be great no matter which Teams client is used. Thanks.

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