Copilot Studio: Where did Topics Go?

I was playing around with Copilot Studio’s new “Dynamic chaining with generative actions (preview)” feature today, which allows you to utilize plugin actions in your custom copilot without having to wire them up to a topic with triggers (essentially, it uses Generative AI to determine if/when a plugin action should be called, maps known parameters, prompts for missing ones, and calls the action automatically – in other words, it’s awesome!) and at some point after enabling this feature, I couldn’t find the Topics option in my Copilot menu. If you’re having the same issue, you’ve come to the right place!

Menu Recap

Here’s what the menu (as of December 8, 2023) in Copilot Studio looks when you’re inside a custom Copilot:

You’ll notice that the Topics option is just below Overview. If you haven’t done anything with Dynamic chaining this is how your navigation should still look.

How to enable Dynamic Chaining

  1. Go to “Generative AI” in the left-hand menu
  2. Enable the toggle switch for “Dynamic chaining with generative actions (preview)”
  3. Click “Save”

Topics has been Renamed to Plugins (preview)

After doing the above, you’ll notice that Topics is gone, and is now replaced by Plugins (preview). Thankfully, upon visiting this link, you’ll still find your topics, along with plugin actions, but I think it could be easy to think you’ve lost the Topics menu if you don’t realize this menu change is happening when this particular feature is enabled.

As always, I hope this post has helped. Also, if you’re still reading, and you browsed the link I gave at the top of the page to the Microsoft documentation on Generative Actions, you’ll notice the documentation does actually mention this navigation change when the dynamic chaining feature is enabled, but in case anyone enabled this feature without seeing that text (like I did), I wanted to share.


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