Custom Connector Error: Description must be written in English

If you’ve found this page, hopefully you’ve encountered the mysterious error, “Description must be written in English,” when trying to update a custom connector in Power Platform, because if so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Error:

The Issue:

When I first discovered this error, I showed it to two of my colleagues, Chris Kent and Hugo Bernier. Chris wasn’t able to reproduce the error, but Hugo was. The error occurred whenever we tried to click “Update connector” at the top of the page.

There are a lot of descriptions in a custom connector (one for each property in every action, as an example) and the error wasn’t helpful, because everything I’d entered in the connector was in English. Thanks to Hugo’s ingenious idea of removing the text “(coming soon)” at the end of the connector’s overall description (found in the General tab), we quickly saw the error went away.

Trying other special characters, we were able to reproduce the issue, so it’s clear the issue is due to special characters, not necessarily just the language of the text, and so the error message would have been a lot more helpful if it had said “Description must not include the following special characters: [insert list]”

The Solution

The solution to the “Description must be written in English” error inside a Power Platform Custom connector is easy; simply get rid of any special characters you have in your connector’s description (including parenthesis).


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